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A - Z of practical Self Sufficiency

A - Z of practical Self Sufficiency
This book was written by myself and published in the summer of 2011
Do you ever feel that you would like to make some changes in your life but not sure where to start? Well this book could be for you!
It's a simple, easy to read paperback that will help you to think about any changes you could make to your career, finances and life in general. It's about; " Taking the best bits of life, living within the benefits of the modern age but moulding the rest of our lives into something less frantic.'
Topics include ideas about how you can begin to plan to make any changes, looking at different ideas. Practical skills and tips on how to budget your outgoings, growing vegetables, household skills, turning the contents of your fridge into a superb meal and how to make money from your plot.
If you would like to purchase a copy, please send a cheque for £13.00 ( £10.50 for the book plus £2.50 postage) or use Pay Pal / Google.
Cheques should be payable to K Horsfall.
K Horsfall,
Tiddlywink Cottage,
Please make the cheque payable to K Horsfall and don't forget to let me know your address and landline telephone number (in case of queries) thank you!


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