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  • Contact info

    Our Location:
    Kal's Return Jewellery
    Tiddlywink Cottage,

    (Cheques payable to Kal's Return)
    Phone:01568 709165


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  • Testimonials

    • " Very pleased and good value for money. It looks really lovely in my hair thanks to Kal who was very helpfull "
      Carole, Ludlow.
    • " Ordered a custom barrette from Kal for my daughter to wear at her wedding. It is incredibly beautiful, and exactly as we had discussed. Kal was very easy to communicate with, and had no problem mailing it to me in the States. I have Kal's site bookmarked :) "
      Holly, Winterville
    • " An altogether fantastic service - I love the pieces I ordered and can`t wait to wear them. x "
      Linda, Cardiff
    • " The item is so pretty and very well made. It looks delicate but feels relatively robust and I absolutely adore it. I would recommend Kal`s Return to anyone and everyone! "
      Paul, Southampton
    • " The hair vine is absolutely gorgeous, thank you so much for this. The quality of work is exceptional and I really appreciated the advice offered over the phone regarding the length of the vine needed. "
      Gemma, Plymouth
    • " There was an issue with a Paypal payment and Kal's Return Jewellery were really good and communication was excellent "
      melanie, EXETER
    • " I was absolutely delighted with the hair vine that Kal tailor made to my specifications (that I kept changing..)I commissioned it for a very posh wedding that I was going to and it was well admired by many other guests. Very unusual and unique - something I`ll always treasure, Thank you! "
      Jill, Edinburgh
    • " The hair vine looks exactly like the picture on your website and your customer service is excellent keeping us informed throughout. "
      Adrian, Truro
    • " I got married in May and placed my order last minute. I got an A-rated service and much more than what I paid for in that Kal made sure to get my vine delivered to me by express delivery at no extra cost just in time for my wedding. I ordered the Orange rose hair vine with bronze crystals on gold wire and it perfectly complimented my wedding dress. The quality of the product was superb and I received a lot of compliments for it. It was beautifully crafted with great attention to detail. I will definitely recommend Kal to my friends and family. Note to Kal: Thank you so so much and keep on rocking! I`m sorry it took me forever to leave a review. The honeymoon just ended :) "
      Jawaria, London
    • " Really talented and kind lady. Hair vines are absolutely stunning, beautifully made and lovely quality. I can`t wait to wear my vine on my wedding day and will be recommending Kal`s Return Jewellery to all my friends. "
      roxy, Little Horsted